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I made an Oops!

April 19, 2011

I’m here to correct my oops. Well, more than one. On the PTI color chart that I posted last week, I missed Simply Chartreuse (which, ironicly enough, is one of my favorite PTI colors) and may or may not have misspelled a couple of colors. Oops! Note to self and any future designer: spell check is your friend. Even when it doesn’t give you squiggly red lines, it’s probably still there. Use it. Abuse it.


Anyways, here’s the revised copy of the color chart. Sorry for the confusion! You can download it from here or directly from this blog post:

View this document on Scribd

Oh, and I’m feeling a lot better today! I went to the doctor yesterday to check in and just make sure that I didn’t have something that needed antibiotics to cure. (I didn’t. Yay!) I went to work and everything today, so back to class for me tomorrow again. It feels good to be mostly back. I’m not going to push it too hard (hence why there is no card to share for today), but it’s just nice to have muscle strength again. Ha! See you tomorrow for a card. I’m majorly itching to get crafty tonight!



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  1. Carole Toppen permalink
    April 19, 2011 5:42 pm

    Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes a bad virus can make you feel worse than having a bacterial infection.

  2. April 20, 2011 12:10 pm

    I hate when I do stuff like that! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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